Innovative solutions for mission critical fuel and oil systems

"The naval service today is very operationally focused and a key part of that is having the correct fuel, and maintaining it to the correct quality and spec. What sets Fleury Engineering apart is the customer focused solutions. I find that when I employ Fleury Engineering to fault find or develop solutions for the naval service, that I don't have to give it a second thought. I can just give the job to Fleury and the job is done."

Cathal Quigley

Company : Lieutenant – Irish Naval Service

"Fleury Engineering provided an innovative solution for a gas turbine oil flushing system using an external oil filter along with the permeant oil filtration system of the turbine to allow us to carry out the flushing to the high cleanliness standard required in a much quicker timescale than had ever been achieved on any power project previously. This gave us 14 days back to our commissioning schedule which in any project is huge bonus."

Gerry Taylor

Company : Alder Offshore Delivery Manager

About Fleury Engineering

Founded in 1999 by Mechanical Engineer, Mark Fleury, we are a pioneering company in the marine and industrial engineering sector. We deliver bespoke industrial fuel systems and solutions for mission critical equipment and services, allowing you to de-risk and future-proof your systems and processes. From turbines to data centres to airports, we solve your fuel and oil-related issues and provide preventative maintenance to ensure that your assets stay reliable.

Fleury Engineering - Industrial Fuel Systems

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How We Work

  • Installation of Fuel Polishing Filters on Backup Generators Fuel Polishing Filters | Fleury Engineering

    Our client (a financial services provider) had a substantial standby power facility in their building, allowing them to continue operating in the event of power failure. The problem they faced was the limited shelf life of the diesel in their fuel tanks. Fleury Engineering fitted four fuel polishing filters to the tanks (a total of 40,000 litres of diesel), ensuring that fuel was always clean and free from impurities. Using our technology, the client’s investment is now protected and the reliability of the entire system is assured. The benefits of our solution: The system continuously filters the fuel to remove sediment, ...

  • Fuel polishing on a grand scale

    Some of the largest oil storage tanks in the Republic of Ireland are fitted with polishing filters supplied by Fleury Engineering. One such tank is a standby fuel tank for ...

  • Hydraulic and lubricating system flushing

    The oldest system we have worked on was a hydroelectric plant built in the 1920s. As part of a refurbishment, the client needed control system pipework flushed. These pipes carried ...

  • Fuel polishing and tank cleaning

    Our client had a diesel tank that had been in service for over 10 years. Tests showed that the fuel was contaminated with sludge and water. Using our innovative solution, ...