Case Studies

Fuel polishing on a grand scale

Some of the largest oil storage tanks in the Republic of Ireland are fitted with polishing filters supplied by Fleury Engineering. One such tank is a standby fuel tank for a combined-cycle gas turbine plant in Wexford. The tank holds over 12,000 tonnes of marked gas...

Hydraulic and lubricating system flushing

The oldest system we have worked on was a hydroelectric plant built in the 1920s. As part of a refurbishment, the client needed control system pipework flushed. These pipes carried oil to the governors and bearing on the turbine. Using high-velocity flushing and...

Fuel polishing and tank cleaning

Our client had a diesel tank that had been in service for over 10 years. Tests showed that the fuel was contaminated with sludge and water. Using our innovative solution, we filtered the fuel from the tank and stored it separately on site. The tank was then cleaned,...

Installation of Fuel Polishing Filters on Backup Generators

Our client (a financial services provider) had a substantial standby power facility in their building, allowing them to continue operating in the event of power failure. The problem they faced was the limited shelf life of the diesel in their fuel tanks. Fleury...

Our Clients

SSE Renewables
Irish Naval Service
General Electric Ireland

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