Our client (a financial services provider) had a substantial standby power facility in their building, allowing them to continue operating in the event of power failure. The problem they faced was the limited shelf life of the diesel in their fuel tanks. Fleury Engineering fitted four fuel polishing filters to the tanks (a total of 40,000 litres of diesel), ensuring that fuel was always clean and free from impurities. Using our technology, the client’s investment is now protected and the reliability of the entire system is assured.

The benefits of our solution:

  • The system continuously filters the fuel to remove sediment, water and sludge.
  • It is designed with the environment in mind – the filters are large, so only need to be changed once a year.
  • The entire system is contained in a leak-proof cabinet with leak detection. The units are monitored constantly, and the owners would be alerted in the event of malfunction.

Fleury Engineering has fitted over a hundred similar units.

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