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Maximum reliability only comes from maximum quality fuels. Water, sediment, and microbial contamination in fuels stored for a period of time are a common problem.
Microbes can enter via filling inlets and vents, consuming the hydrocarbons present in the fuel and producing corrosive compounds. At low levels, these microbes may not present a problem, but past a certain level they are a detriment to fuel quality and harm rubber gaskets, O-rings, hoses, tank linings and coatings. This microbial contamination is often termed diesel bug.

Modern fuels are very vulnerable to water contamination. Low-sulphur fuels and biofuels retain greater quantities of water in suspension, and modern engines are very sensitive to water contamination. In order to meet increasingly stringent emissions and economy targets, fuel systems work at very high pressures. The internal components are built to very fine tolerances to deliver this pressure. Any water or debris in the fuel has a catastrophic effect. The need for clean fuels has never been greater and is only increasing.
Fleury Engineering is a pioneer in fuel filtration and cleaning in Ireland. We offer a technical cleaning process to remove water sediment and microbial contamination from oil and hydrocarbon fuel in storage. We designed and built our own mobile fuel and oil filtration rig and can tackle tanks of any size up to 10,000 tonnes. We can polish up to 20 tonnes per hour, with filters as fine as 1 micron to ensure your fuel is on spec after we have finished. All contaminants are removed and the process cleans the tank and its contents at the same time. We can also fit permanent onsite cleaning units.

When fuel is stored for more than a couple of months it will start to degrade. The fuel itself precipitates sludge called asphaltenes. This black tarry substance can block filters quickly. In standby generators, this fuel can be in storage for years. In order to ensure the reliability of generators to critical systems, many clients opt to get fuel polished to ensure it is fit for purpose. Often these clients will go further and fit permanent polishing systems to maintain the reliability of the system.

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