System Flushing

Contamination in systems can be caused by water ingress, fluid degradation, installation of new or overhauled equipment or a major failure.

Fleury Engineering provides a high flow-rate flushing service for lubricant, fuel and hydraulic systems. Flushing the system removes sludge, debris and degraded fluid from pipes and tank walls, as well as other internal surfaces. Our purpose-built rigs are equipped with pumps that have a flow-rate several times that of the system’s normal flow, with directional valves and a bank of filters.

Our units can decontaminate up to 350 litres per minute and filter down to 3 micron particle size. The fluid is continuously sampled and analysed for contaminant levels during the process in order to determine the progress of cleaning. Using online particle counters, the cleanliness levels are recorded in real time to provide hard evidence of the standards achieved.

Fleury Engineering has a proven track record for delivering flushing projects ahead of schedule and specification during critical outages at power generation plants and in the marine industry.

Industrial System Flushing For Hydraulic, Fuel & Lubricant Systems

Hydraulic System Flushing

Fuel System Flushing

Lubricant System Flushing

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