Fleury Engineering is pleased to announce our latest investment in fuel tank cleaning technology. We can now clean fuel tanks without the need for confined space entry. Our automated diesel tank washing system will remove contaminants from tanks which have proved difficult to clean up to now.

Small openings and baffles in tanks can be overcome because the cleaning head will fit through a 40mm opening. The tank washing head is ATEX rated for use explosive atmospheres. This makes it perfect for tanks in generators and in marine applications. The diesel fuel is used as the cleaning medium which eliminates the need to introduce water into the tank. The fuel is pumped through filters to remove water and contaminants. These contaminants may be sludge, rust, scale and solids from long term storage of the fuel.

The benefits of the system include: higher cleaning performance, reduced downtime, reduced waste volumes and increased safety.

We can also use the system for gas freeing and decommissioning tanks by washing the tank out with a water based detergent if required.

Call us now to see how you can benefit from the industry leading solution to fuel tank cleaning.

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