Compact Fuel Polisher

Designed to eradicate water, sediment, bugs and bacteria which accumulate in stored diesel and oil. Suitable for Standby Generator Storage Tanks up to 20,000 L.
Filter Cabinet with CP Assembly

Design Specifications

  • Enclosed in Compact, Wall Mounted, Weather Proof Stainless Steel Insulated Cabinet with Control Panel
  • Ideal for Removal of Particles, Degradation Products and Water
  • Optimal Single Pass Filtration Performance
  • Pump Protection Using a Y-Strainer
  • Visual Pressure Gauge Indicator for Necessary Filter Element Change Out
  • Reverse Flow Prevented by Check Valve
  • Manual Isolating Valves
  • Pressure Transmitter & Leak Detection

Proven Performance

Particle Removal:
All Filter Inserts have the following filtration degree:

  • 3μm absolute: 98.7% of all solid particles >3μm – 0.8μm nominal: 50% of all solid particles
  • 0.8μm are retained in each pass.
  • The dirt holding capacity is 4-16 L of evenly distributed solids.

Degradation Products:
Oxidation products, resin / sludge, and varnish are retained by the cellulose material, which will retain appr. 1 kg of oil degradation products

Water Removal:
The water absorption potential is up to 50% (i.e. 750 ml H20) of the total contaminant holding capacity.

Designed For Use On

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Transformer Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Compressor Oil
  • Phosphate Ester
  • Water Glycol (Coolants)
  • Biodegradable Oil
  • Quenching Oil

Technical Data

Pump Type Gear Pump
Pump Flow per hour 250L
Power consumption 0.18 kW
Pump inlet pressure max. 0.5bar
Pressure drop max 1.8bar
Design pressure, filter 4bar
Oil temperature max 50°C
Filter insert 1 pc. cellulose
Ambient temperature max 40°C
Dry weight (incl. Cabinet & CP) 67kg
Operation weight (incl. Cabinet & CP) wet, 73kg
Overall size – Cabinet H 750 x W 600 x D 340
Overall size – Control Panel H 380 x W 380 x D 250
Dirt Holding Capacity 1 KG / 0.75L of Water


Control Panel Features

Start, Stop & Reset Buttons

Start, Stop, Reset Buttons

Output to Building Monitoring System or Remote Monitoring Options

LED Display

LED Display

Isolating Switch

Isolating Switch

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