Quality, reliable expertise to de-risk critical systems and increase profitability

For over 15 years, Fleury Engineering has been providing proactive fuel system solutions to facilities such as data centres, power stations, ships and ports, and offshore oil and gas platforms. Not only do our solutions increase safety, reliability and productivity, they also reduce costs and result in a longer asset life. We deliver services to a range of sectors, including:

Power generation

Contamination in systems can be caused by water ingress, fluid degradation, installation of new or overhauled equipment or a major failure.  Fleury Engineering provides a high flow-rate flushing service for lubricant, fuel and hydraulic systems.

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Data Centers

Reliability is paramount for data centres. The industry is always pushing to develop the design and operation of critical power systems. Even the backup generator has a backup!

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Utilities provide the gas, water and electricity that make modern life possible. If gas cannot supply networks, the lives of millions of people are disrupted.

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Critical facilities

The services provided by hospitals, airports and banks are often taken for granted. The quality of their facilities depends on reliability, which is achieved by good design and proper maintenance.

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Pharmaceutical plants are subject to very high regulatory requirements. Every element of the plant must operate to maintain these standards, and onsite fuel systems are no different.

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